The CRHA believes that ISO 9001 quality principles can serve as a framework to develop a system of care that will improve the quality of healthcare in the Cedar Rapids area. Specifically, the CRHA seeks to:

  • improve communication
  • facilitate establishment of care pathways and safe practice interventions
  • enhance the continuity of patient care in our community

As a set of quality management principles, the family of ISO 9001 standards seeks to guide the processes surrounding products and service delivery. In healthcare, this means everything from administrative departments like purchasing and human resources to care delivery in clinics and surgery rooms.

ISO 9001 standards have already begun to change the quality of healthcare in the Cedar Rapids area. In November of 2003, the Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa received ISO 9001 certification. At the end of its first year of certification, PCI attributed $220,000 in savings to its ISO quality management system. Not only was the cost of administrative processes reduced, but the quality of healthcare delivery improved. The CRHA believes that these sorts of improvements are possible for all the healthcare providers in the Cedar Rapids area, not only changing the face of healthcare, but improving the quality of life in our community.