The Community Anticoagulation Therapy (CAT) Clinic facilitates management of patients on warfarin and promotes the continual improvement of healthcare within our community. The clinic is staffed by a Registered Nurse with special knowledge and training in serving people who are taking Coumadin/warfarin. The CAT Clinic nurse works closely with other healthcare professionals to track and manage patients’ Coumadin/warfarin intake.

The CAT Clinic was established in February 2006 as a part of the Cedar Rapids Healthcare Alliance. The main goal of the CAT clinic is to provide patients with a better quality of service by connecting healthcare providers at a new level of communication and implementing a process for quality assurance. Dr. James Levett, PCI Chief Medical Officer, phrases it this way: “The expertise of our partners will assist us in evaluating the care process, utilizing lean principles, and analyzing outcomes to determine if the clinic is improving care.”