CRHA will be dissolved in 2017. We thank our community for its support and attendance at community forum meetings over the last decade.  

The Cedar Rapids Healthcare Alliance is a non-profit organization established to address our local healthcare costs and safety concerns.  The CRHA was founded with a singular vision: to create a community model of care delivery and patient safety centered on transparency, accountability, and cooperation.

The CRHA is composed of many community stakeholders, including:

Why the Alliance and Why Now?

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Institute of Medicine have both published reports with staggering figures:

  • In 2006 healthcare costs in the United States exceeded $2 trillion, with 55% of these costs being covered by employers.
  • These costs are expected to double within the next ten years.  Medication errors harm 1.5 million people per year in the United States and are estimated to cost $3.5 billion.

Although the quality of healthcare is clearly a national issue, we at the CHRA believe that it is a local issue as well. Our vision is that the CRHA will serve as the infrastructure to enable stakeholders from all segments of the community to work together in addressing the healthcare issues we all share.  ISO 9001 quality principles which were deployed in our AHRQ grant will be utilized as the framework for developing a system of care that will improve communication, facilitate establishment of care pathways and safe practice interventions, and enhance the continuity of patient care in our community.